Write, draft, and store your will in 10 minutes!

Establish a will today on any device and safeguard your life's work in case of the unthinkable.

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Your trusted partner for this life and beyond.

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Manage, safeguard, and update the most important information at your fingertips.

Your family's future is too important be left to some stale piece of paper hidden in some box along with winter clothing.

Manage all assets and liabilities at your fingertips

Link your bank accounts, brokerage accounts and loans, add physical assets such as jewelery, land etc, and manage how they should get split up.

Leave your loved ones in safe hands

Assign legal guardianship for your kids. Leave personal notes, images and videos for your loved ones as part of your will.

Keep your beneficiaries in the know.

Catalog and add physical assets, add details including notes, photos, deeds and certificates.

Wills are meant for everyone.

Afterlife allows all Indians to secure their family's future without the need of expensive lawyers.

  • Add and manage all beneficiaries

    Add kids, partner, siblings, parents etc anyone as a beneficiary regardless of whether they use the app or not.

  • Start with a basic will and update over time.

    Get set up with an individual will in 10 minutes free-of-cost in 10 minutes. Once ready, you can also setup a joint will, mirror will and more.

  • Link your bank accounts

    You can link your various bank accounts to see their balance and allow your beneficiaries later on to know what exactly what to expect.

  • Connect to your brokerage accounts

    Connect to your brokerage account and have it sync automatically so that you don’t have to update your stock holdings one by one.

  • Securely stored

    Create a will without having to share the intimate details of all your assets with any lawyer or having to worry about secure storage of the will. Your will is secured digitally and physically on Afterlife.

  • Assign and manage witnesses and executors at the click of a button.

    Get signatures from witnesses, assign (or choose us) as executors through the app without sharing intricate details of your Will and underlying assets.

  • Register your will

    Every time you make a change Afterlife will register your will for you to ensure it’s authenticity and avoid disputes later.

  • Create personalized memories

    Leave behind notes or videos for your loved ones as part of your will so they have additional memories to cheris you by

  • Add details for your assets

    For assets like land property, add specific addresses, locations, known issues, points of contact etc. Or add photos and detailed info for your jewely to make the estate distribution process much smoother.